A Wildebeest in a Rainstorm: Upstate Diary

It was very fun to be queried by Kate Orne and her cool, new Upstate Diary (the hard copy of Issue #3 is just out!) I’ve lived in the Hudson Valley longer than anywhere else, nearly thirty years, and have watched life here change incredibly. Long renowned as a haven for musicians, artists and actors, the woods and meadows that rise from the Hudson River are increasingly home to filmmakers, photographers, writers and social media enthusiasts.

I’ve long threatened that someone should publish a “creative directory” to the Hudson Valley, to prove if just to ourselves how rich these hills and valleys are with incredible artists. But that would run against the very grain of why such people move here: This is a place designed to hide out, rather than to be seen.

In a small, elegant way, by introducing us to some of the more interesting characters who are our neighbors, Kate is doing just that, one snapshot at a time. Check out her new issue here.