Dear President Obama: Screening Tour


We have had an amazing spring and summer, touring the country promoting our latest and perhaps biggest production, Dear President Obama.

Spanning over a dozen states impacted by fracking and telling the stories of its victims, the film has moved audiences from disparate geographic, economic, and social backgrounds. We have worked hard to connect with and energize the many “fractivist” organizations across the country, while providing a science-based, rational and realistic representation of fracking facts.

The response has been nothing short of overwhelming. We’ve been blown away by the intensity of responses during our many Q&A’s with filmmaker Jon Bowermaster, house party viewings with a guest appearance by executive producer and narrator Mark Ruffalo, and the sold-out, star-studded NYC premiere screening featuring them both. It’s clear that citizens across the US are passionate and serious about changing our energy landscape, and embracing the clean energy revolution that is already underway.

We are collecting the many photos and videos we took throughout the trip to post on Dear President Obama. For now, here are some scenes from the premiere: