Discussing the Danger of “Bomb Trains” on MSNBC

Oceans 8 Films founder and filmmaker Jon Bowermaster was recently featured on MSNBC to discuss the dangers of “bomb trains”, as outlined in the recent New York Times op-doc “A Danger on the Rails“. Watch below:

There has been an increase in crude oil fracked from the Bakken Shale in North Dakota, and along with it has come a boom in rail cars filled with a highly explosive gas-and-oil mix. Despite the highly volatile nature of this material, the trains carrying it continue to race through populated areas. And the train cars themselves are often built to antiquated safety standards.

When these “bomb trains” derail, it is particularly disastrous, with cars leaking, exploding, and catching fire. You’ve probably seen some of the horrific images from across North America where the number of “bomb trains”–and derailments–continues to rise.

“Danger on the Rails” is part of a larger multimedia project, entitled The Hudson: River at Risk. which examines some of the many threats to the Hudson River, including the “bomb trains”, Indian Point nuclear power plant, and the construction of a new bridge to replace the Tappan Zee. You can view video footage along with accompanying text, photos, charts, graphs, and maps making up “The Hudson: River at Risk” beginning May 19th.