Indian Point: Nowhere Left to Hide

Indian Point

Coming in 2017

In New York we were able to successfully ban hydraulic-fracturing for gas and oil but to-date, despite that Governor Andrew Cuomo is on the same page, the aging nuclear plant at Indian Point remains online. A decision to close it, or extend its license, is expected any month.

According to experts who for decades have been studying the risk of having a nuclear plant – and the 2000 tons of radioactive waste it has already produced, housed in underprotected warehouses – located in the midst of 20 million people was a mistake from the very beginning.

In 2015 alone the sole remaining reactor has been shut down five times, due to fires, leaks and transformer failures. It is not fear mongering to suggest that one day one of these “emergencies” is going to involve a radioactive leak. If/when that happens, where exactly will those 20 million neighbors go? According to emergency first responders, the answer lies with the winds. It will be the direction of the wind that day that will dictate who will be safe, and who will not be.