The Hudson: A River at Risk

the-hudson-river-at-risk-o8-web-bannerThe Hudson River, like so many waterways around the world, was for many decades treated like an infinite waste barrel, a dumping ground for toxic chemicals, hazardous waste and trash. But for the past fifty years an amazing group of environmental groups – Riverkeeper, Scenic Hudson, Clearwater and many more – have worked to rescue the Hudson and the valley that surrounds. Today the river is vastly healthier and the accomplishments of these environmental heroes remind us what an incredibly beautiful and resilient resource the river is.

Despite heroic efforts today the Hudson River and Valley face serious environmental risks. Bomb trains carrying toxic and flammable crude oil course along its banks. A leaky nuclear power plant at Indian Point continues to operate just thirty-five miles from Times Square. General Electric’s PCBs still ravage the river, land and air. And despite that New York banned fracking the river and its environs are threatened by pipelines, barges and trains delivering fracked oil and gas from as far away as North Dakota.

In our growing web series, The Hudson: A River At Risk, you can learn more about these issues, meet some of the people who have committed their lives to preserving the Hudson Riverand discover what you can do to make a difference. Please spend time with the website which is packed with stories, videos, graphs, maps and photos.

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