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Exploring the world from sea level.


A writer, filmmaker and adventurer, Jon is a six-time grantee of the National Geographic Expeditions Council. One of the Society’s ‘Ocean Heroes,’ his first assignment for National Geographic magazine in 1989 was to document a dog-sled expedition that crossed Antarctica for 221 days.

He is the founder of Oceans 8 Films and the One Ocean Media Foundation, making films about climate at home in the Hudson Valley and around the world. His podcast, “The Green Radio Hour with Jon Bowermaster” has recorded over 150 episodes with environmental activisits, community leaders and friends from his vast rolodex of travels.

“I’ve had the good fortune over the past few decades to have seen the world, much of it from sea level, and my curiosities about that place where blue-meets-blue, the melding of water and horizon, remain unsated.”


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Environmental Mission

The One Ocean Media Foundation is dedicated to raising environmental awareness and literacy in the United States and internationally to address urgent and immediate threats to our planet’s environmental and cultural future.

The Green Radio Hour
with Jon Bowermaster
Jon hosts conversations with local environmentalists taking a closer look at environmental issues in the Hudson Valley and beyond. New episodes every Sunday.
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